Thank you to our supporters

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

Les Brown


“Espace Femmes Geniève D.” is a regional association to helps women who suffer from domestic violence. Each yeay, this association helps more than 550 women across all the “Haute Savoie” region. It is composed of four welcome and listening committees free and confidential in Annecy, Bonneville, Gaillard and Thonon. “Espace Femmes” support is scheduled in accordance with the demand and needs of assaulted women. It brings them the necessary tools and support see their walk through the end: protection strategies, security process, understanding of the violence mechanism, legal process related to domestic violence.
Do not doubt to contact them by phone (04 50 9761 90 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1:30 pm to 5pm) and by mail to



ThéART&CO is a professional theatre company in “Haute Savoie”. It creates shows for a young public to talk about citizenship. It makes its theatre skills available to feed the debate thanks to the theatre-forum. The shows are spread all across the country.


CAM 8 MARS created by MFU and UMFMB support the values of mutuality: sharing, solidarity, exchange, democracy. We abide by the definition of health by the WHO: Health is the mental, physic and social well-being. We attach importance to social protection, it is the main condition for women to be the equal of men. Those values lead all our actions. To reach the WHO’s definition of health we are to take initiatives to change things about food safety, well-being, for rights and against inequalities related to it. That is the reason why we give the floor to women to exchange on these topics.



INDP states that development should be holistic and considers the existence of five elements, which make part of human life: Social, Economic, Cultural, Political and Spiritual. And, to build peace, INDP feels that all the existing violent situations should be identified, denounced and fought through non-violence means and eradicated totally. INDP works with below poverty line population both in rural and urban areas in order to allow them to be part of the society. INDP conducts classes for social workers, pedagogical workshops, children classes, computer training program… Kalangium the multifunctional training centre is based in Marakkanam town, Villupuram District were the tribal population was affected by Tsunami. Kalangium means granary in Tamil. As the name suggests it will be used mainly for the purpose of trainings in various fields. Trainings will be given for men and women, related to their work, skills and available resources.